EVE AG Cattle

EVE AG features and raises registered Shorthorn cattle. As part of our regenerative practices all our animals are raised without hormones, steroids, sub-therapeutic feed antibiotics, implants or other artificial growth promoting agents. Our cattle are on grass pasture and the freezer beef is finished with grain on grass pasture.

I can remember my paternal grandfather having a big garden under huge pecan trees and my maternal grandfather having cattle, goats, rabbits, and alfalfa fields. They knew how to live on the food that they produced and traded for items from the community when they were available. However, as least favored option they did purchase processed and manufactured products from stores.

We are bringing back that community agriculture sprit to what we raise. Just like my grandfathers we are taking the risk that nature provides and offering our hard work to you at a price that will keep us going for another year.

We started offering our freezer beef we raise to our community in 2022. Learning how to raise cattle commercially since 2013.

We do like to get our cattle interested in interacting with us for more than just feed.
Caleb with Samil
Even in the field the calves are comfortable interacting with us.
Caleb with ISA
Caleb has a fondness for 44's calves.
Caleb with Nyx Calf
Caleb and I work around our cattle at all stages of life.
Caleb with 44 Calf
Caleb has worked with 44 and her calves for many years.
Caleb with Calf
Caleb likes working with our calves at all stages of development.
Caleb with Evan
Caleb is working with Evan.
Caleb Iris Calf
Caleb is working with Iris and her calf.
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